September 2015 Luncheon – Andrew Watts ’98

Andrew Watts '98
Andrew Watts ’98

Andrew graduated in the late 90’s to land right in the midst of the tech boom. He spent a few years working on marketing and promotion for Nintendo, and then, like many others, he moved to a tech startup to participate in the big money of the time. Unfortunately, the day he left his job to join the tech boom…… the tech crash of 2000 began.

With free time available, he volunteered to produce the video celebrating the 100 years of Sigma Tau. From this experience he found his calling, and he joined with his Dad (Charlie Watts) and his sister to form a creative production company known today as Watts Media.

Fortunately for Andrew, the technology for producing presentations was dramatically changing. It was the very time when a creative team with $ 5,000 of equipment and the newly released “Final Cut” software by Apple could compete toe-to-toe with the established agencies who had invested in $ 1+ million of equipment and drastically more expensive software.

It was a great story of being early to the new digital media. With the much lower costs, Watts Media was able to provide competitive production results while undercutting their established competitors who were burdened by more expensive equipment and software. Seizing the advantage, Watts Media pursued their goal of helping businesses to “connect customers with a company’s brand”, and they rely very much on visual, eye-appealing content to catch the viewer’s interest with provocative, emotion-packed content. (examples below)

Our thanks to Andrew for speaking to our luncheon crowd. Andrew can be reached @ Andrew at

Examples of recent work by WattsMedia can be viewed in the below links. All videos are short to view.

This first video about the race to the South Pole was shown at the luncheon — I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing it.    Title: The Race (great short about the race to the South Pole)  Title: One Note – In the Beginning (Microsoft)  Title: Watts GFX Demo 2014  Title: HP Discover Reel    Title: Voyager Capital – The Seed

The WattsMedia website ( )also features selected and more recent work – and you can view their entire portfolio here.

Also WattsMedia just finished a website for Columbia Pacific Wealth Management where you will find fellow Fijis — Peder Schmitz ’97, Jeremy Kiefer ’96 and Korey Lackey ’01.