June ’14 Luncheon — Barry Erickson ’86 and Captain Husky

Barry Erickson — Class of ’86

Barry Erickson '86
Barry Erickson ’86

Tyler Johnson ’86 did a worthy introduction of Barry to the luncheon grads with a retracing of Barry’s accomplished career before he became Captain Husky.

While in high school, Barry was a football leader on the field as well as being the lead in the school play. He was an all-around guy who came to the UW with lots of energy and ideas. As a freshman, Barry played in the Husky Band where we encouraged others in the band to help resurrect the days of Rob Weller — Rob being the yell king who invented the “wave” as well as leading “attitude checks” and other memorable cheers. After adding life to Husky football games with the Husky Band, Barry we encouraged to apply for a formal yell leader position……and the rest is history.







Barry Erickson '86 in this Captain Husky role
Barry Erickson ’86 in this Captain Husky role

As Barry reported, he was offered the yell leader position, but he negotiated that he could wear non-standard clothing. The individualism grew into the “Captain Husky” persona that Barry kept alive for nearly 30 years.

2 years ago, when the Huskies declared an end to the 90+ year old stadium and launched a remodel, Barry retired his Captain Husky role.







Barry Erickson '86 at the Seattle Yacht Club luncheon
Barry Erickson ’86 at the Seattle Yacht Club luncheon

Barry and his wife and their two kids are packing up to relocated to Australia for a year of adventure.  Sharing the options they considered, the results of their research, and the attitude they are carrying; Barry explained why his turning 50 brought on an Aussie trip instead of buying a red Corvette and racing up and down I-5.







Post luncheon crowd with Barry Erickson '86
Post luncheon crowd with Barry Erickson ’86

And following the Aussie topic, Barry regaled the luncheon with stories of his Captain Husky days. Bob Sternoff ’78 asked Barry to share some of his more memorable times as Captain Husky. The result was a series of colorful stories that had everyone chuckling along with Barry.

Bon Voyage to Barry. We’ll see him upon his return.

Jack Day ’59 hosted members of his class in Medford, OR

59ers L to R: John Werner, Gary Pence, Jack Day, John Davis, Kelley Moldstad, Tim Thornton, Chuck Lappenbusch
59ers L to R: John Werner, Gary Pence, Jack Day, John Davis, Kelley Moldstad, Tim Thornton, Chuck Lappenbusch

At our June luncheon, Chuck Lappenbusch ’59 reported that he, John Werner ’59 and some of his fellow ’59 grads recently met-up in Meford, OR (home of Jack Day ’59 and his RoxyAnn Winery). John Werner shared this message to fellow ‘59ers:

Missed you in Medford. NEXT CHANCE NOV. 7 IN SEATTLE.
Seven of us from Sigma Tau 1959 plus spouses have had a wonderful weekend in Medford, hosted by brother Jack Day and Nancy. Our next opportunity to gather may likely be for the Pig Dinner in Seattle on Friday, November 7, 2014, for our 55th jubilee. Most of us here in Medford (from Washington, Oregon, California, and New York) will try to be there. Please note November 7 on your calendar and give earnest consideration to joining in for what may be one of our last big gatherings. You can register for the Pigger at this link: http://www.fijiseattle.com/

Thanks. Godspeed.
John Werner ‘59

Perge! Not for college days, alone, indeed!

Ad Astra – Stew Mullen ’45

Stew Mullen '45
Stew Mullen ’45

Stewart Smith Mullen, Jr.

Born to Stewart and Theo Mullen in Port Angeles, WA on August 5, 1923, passed away May 5, 2014 with his family at his side.

Stewart lived a life well-lived, that included commissioned service in the South Pacific with the US Navy in WWII, a family with his wife of 68 years, Allene, and son Stephen Mullen, and a long career in construction with his own company, S.S. Mullen, Inc.

In 1951, Stewart and S.S. Mullen, Inc. primarily a building contractor in Washington, found himself in Alaska building DEW Line Installations; air fields; paving; excavation; housing and utilities. This valuable and diversified experience prepared him for the Federal Highway Program, building and maintaining vital roads and dams in the American West and overseas.

After retirement, Stewart enjoyed golfing, fishing and traveling with his family. He was not only a 59 year resident of Mercer Island, but also a member of Broadmoor Golf Club, Seattle Tennis Club, and the Young Presidents Organization. He will be dearly missed. Stewart was laid to rest at Acacia Memorial Park on May 20, 2014.
Published in The Seattle Times from June 3 to June 4, 2014

Jack Rhodes ’60 leads Sales Training in the Foster School of Business

Rhodes 20140528 Sales Program brkfst

Jack Rhodes ’60 sold his business in Southern California more than a decade ago, and then moved back to his college stomping grounds.

Drawing on his early days of Sales Training, Jack joined the team on the UW campus to buttress their fledgling Sales Training Certificate program. Nearly 15 years later, and the program is nearly four times the size it was when Jack arrived on the scene.

Today, the program is renowned for its students graduating with their certificates along with proven skill sets that move products and sell services.

Today, the program can be selective as it chooses from the over-capacity crowd of students applying for acceptance into the program. Not only do these students complete a program with classes that run over two years, but they each complete an internship with a Seattle business during the Spring Quarter prior to their graduation. Last year’s class has 92% job placement at graduation, and this year’s class is on-track to have even higher success.

The program has grown to a 124 graduates being honored at this 2014 Appreciation breakfast. Nearly 500 students and business filled the HUB Ballroom.

And one of the teams that participated in national sales competitions shared their story of round-the-clock preparations for the final presentation. This is an entertaining story of “Gramps” Rhodes hanging with the young set and teaching them all his old skills and a few sales tricks as well.

Jack Rhodes '60 holding his Spirit of Business award
Jack Rhodes ’60 holding his Spirit of Business award

The carefully organized program was interrupted with an unscheduled announcement.  Patrick Chestnut of AAOA Health Care took the stage to present Jack with AAOA’s award for best representation of the Spirit of Business.

Left to Right:  Jack Rhodes '60, Ann Rhodes, and Patrick Chestnut, CEO of AAOA Health Care
Left to Right: Jack Rhodes ’60, Ann Rhodes, and Patrick Chestnut, CEO of AAOA Health Care


May 2014 Luncheon — Peter Apostolou ’46

Peter Apostolou '46
Peter Apostolou ’46

Peter Apostolou is a proud member of the Class of ’46. And he regaled our group with a number of stories as he recounted his undergraduate days with his 45 fellow pledges in the Class of ’46.

Interspersed with the stories of college days and his career days, Peter accounted for every member of the class and their many accomplishments.

A testimony to “Not for College Days Alone”, Peter shared the many times that fellow Fiji’s helped land a job, choose a direction, or enjoy a memorable experience.

Peter brought to life the campus activities of 70 years ago in a way that everyone in the room….including the undergrads….were able to enjoy and appreciate. Peter is a great story-teller, and he put his skills to good use as he brought decades alive for all to vicariously enjoy.

One of the tables at luncheon: Erik Brand '98, Tom Allen '43,Jerry Thornton '55, Bob Kuebler '54, Irish Coles, Dan Alexander '53,Jim Hilton '56
One of the tables at luncheon: Erik Brand ’98, Tom Allen ’43,Jerry Thornton ’55, Bob Kuebler ’54, Irish Coles, Dan Alexander ’53,Jim Hilton ’56