February 2014 Luncheon — Martin Chvoj ’98

Martin Chvoj '98 and Tom Odell  MN-'67
Martin Chvoj ’98 and Tom Odell MN-’67

Martin Chvoj — Class of 1998

Martin was a member of the UW Tennis team during his undergraduate days, and he followed his graduation from the UW with a year of studies at Oxford University. Oxford not only led him to a Certificate in International Economics, but it also allowed him to expand his athletic skills by participating in the college sports of Rugby and Rowing.

We enjoyed the story of Martin’s 15 years riding the tech wave with some of the biggest companies on the playing field. Martin is an experienced and versatile professional with a unique combination of product management experience and business development experience. Martin has deep knowledge and experience across the entire mobile ecosystem including software development, mobile applications, mobile hardware & devices, and mobile operators. Martin has worked for and with some of the largest companies in the industry including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, America Movil, and Telus.

Below is the link for Power Point presentation delivered to the group by Martin.

Slide Share – http://www.slideshare.net/MartinChvoj/fiji-luncheon-presentation

We all enjoyed the stories about Martin’s unique combination of skills and adaptability which has led him to be successful in many environments including startups, large companies, consulting, and working globally in many different regions. Martin is currently working full time on his new startp-up, Currently.am .

Our thanks to Martin for the introduction to the rapidly growing field of mobile communications. Martin was among the first on that wave in 1998, and his career has paralleled many of the significant developments over the past 15 years. You can reach Martin via email at Martin@currently.am