December 2013 Luncheon: Pat Perkins ’93 — DockHigh Outdoor Logistics

Pat Perkins '93 speaking to graduates
Pat Perkins ’93 speaking to graduates

From his youthful days on San Juan Island to travelling as a highschool exchange student for a year in Thailand, Pat Perkins ’93 brought an interesting story to our graduate luncheon. As an undergraduate Pat managed multiple study visits to Japan. One of these Japan visits inspired Pat to turn room #214 into his world headquarters for exporting custom-designed purses to Japan. Members of the Class of ’93 attended the luncheon to add side-stories to Pat’s entrepreneurial beginning at 4503 that laid the foundation for his career of innovation in logistics?

Pat is founder and CEO of Dock High Outdoor Logistics, and prior to DockHigh he founded The Green Room – a specialist in logistics services for specialty coffee industry. Pat’s presentation was quite interesting, and he told quite a colorful story. Pat owns no inventory, but he receives inventory for his customers, then stores and reships for them. Efficiency and accuracy are key factors to his service promise.

Among his customers is our Strideline socks guys who spoke at our October ’13 luncheon just a few months ago. The Strideline guys also operated their socks business (socks showing a city skyline) while undergrads at 4503.

Pat Perkins '93, CEO of DockHigh logistics
Pat Perkins ’93, CEO of DockHigh logistics

January 2015 Luncheon – UW Head Basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar

Romar 2015

Thanks to Jack Rhodes ’60 and former Tyee Club President, Coach Lorenzo Romar has been an annual speaker at our luncheons since he first arrived on campus more than a dozen years ago.

Romar talked much about the current team and the benefits from their working out together for the summer of 2014. He shared the skills they develop along with timing and intuition. Following the summer of hanging in the gym, Romar also explained the points that require coaching attention as they begin the formal practices in preparation for the season.

Romar turned to recruiting by asking the group which was the best of his previous recruiting classes. This led to quite the commentary from the audience as Romar revealed his three best recruiting classes of his previous dozen years. Using this to frame his comments, Romar then addressed each of the announced recruits for this year’s class, reviewed their strengths, and compared each to one or more of the prior recruits of year’s past. Needless to say, we were left with the distinct impression that this is likely to be the best recruiting class of the Romar era.

Romar clearly enjoyed the give and take with our group, because he dedicated nearly 50 minutes of his time to his presentation and the extended Q & A period. As always, we appreciate Romar’s return to our luncheon, his many insights and coach’s comments, and we appreciate Jack Rhodes ’60 for arranging Romar’s being our speaker.

Jack Lynch '64, Ron Crockett '61, and Coach Lorenzo Romar
Jack Lynch ’64, Ron Crockett ’61, and Coach Lorenzo Romar

Note: In April 2010, Romar signed a 10-year contract extension on a deal that pays him $1.7 million annually and expires after the 2019-20 season. It was the third extension since his original deal in 2002.