Luncheon – September 2013 – UW Football Coach Steve Sarkisian


We were pleased to have Sark fit our luncheon into his calendar for another year. Much appreciation is expressed to Ron Crockett for the effort he extends to give our graduate group this opportunity.

It may be a case of Coach Steve Sarkisian saving his best luncheon presentation for his last. It was a terrific Q & A that had many people abuzz at the end of the luncheon. Our thanks to the Coach, and our apologies for one of our indiscreet graduates who was in attendance and publicly posted a review of Sark’s comments.

Sept 2013 - Sark
Sark takes a question during Fiji luncheon

It is hard to believe that one of our brothers would abuse the privilege of being in the room with Sark and Crockett both freely expressing their views to an assumedly respectful audience. But one of our brothers is a complete jerk who could barely wait to rush out to post a recap of Sark’s comments and even more egregious, he posted a recap of Crockett’s comments on the website. Hiding behind his pseudonym of WatchDawg, the weak link in our chain jeopardized our luncheon’s chances of every having Sark return. And he also dampened Ron’s willingness to share many of his views.

We were able to have the posting taken down, but it did not mitigate the ill-feelings and abuse of our secrecy policy.