Bob Sternoff ’78 – April 2013 Luncheon

Bob Sternoff '78
Bob Sternoff ’78

Bob Sternoff – Class of 1978

On short notice, Bob stepped up to the podium to provide an interesting program for our group. And true to his reputation, Bob proved to be an interesting and provocative speaker.

Sternoff - April crowd viewIt’s an interesting time for Bob, because he’s just making the jump from elected office (City Councilman for City of Kirkland) into developing a “country club” version of a shooting range facility. He is continuing his 20+ years in real estate development, but now he’s adding a bit of the up-scale club atmosphere to his development of this pioneering business concept. If he’s on target, then he is introducing a new concept for a socially acceptable environment for gun enthusiasts. This may be an emerging trend for the times. Once proven, it lends itself to being rolled-out across the country. Bob talked about his marketing strategy centered on a mobile app. You can download Bob’s app @ You can reach Bob at







Luncheon notes:
Nice to see Ron Crockett ‘61 walking around so confidently on his week-old hip. Ron reports the stadium project is on time and on budget.

Peter Apostolou ’46 is looking very pirate-like with his new eye patch. Debonair to say the least.

Nice work on the first Golf Tournament to benefit the Sigma Tau Scholarship Fund. Organizers include Imants Holmquist ’02, Kelly Kolstad ’00, and Richard Maloney ‘11

Our graduate relations guy from the House is busy competing in the “Splash” fund raiser being held by the DG’s. If you’re inclined to donate to support Erik ‘15, here is his email:

Pete Stiles ’63 reported his business is busy with outplacements of Naval personnel.
Interesting new business idea from Bob Sternoff ‘78 – and thanks to Bob for stepping in to be the program at the last minute.

Clay Loges ’68 reported on his presentation to the 2013 Tourism Summit introducing the official mobile app for Washington Tourism. VisitWA on iPhone/iPad and Android smart phones.