2012 Awards by Phi Gamma Delta

Annual Award Winners
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

Congratulations to the outstanding chapters, brothers and volunteers who strived to make a
stronger Phi Gamma Delta during the 2011-12 academic year. Good luck going into a new year!

BAKER CUP: Awarded for religious, ethical and social service activities.
1st: SIGMA TAU at Washington
2nd: KAPPA DEUTERON at Georgia
3rd: ZETA at Indiana
HM: CHI ETA at Western Kentucky, GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech, OMICRON at Virginia

BRIGHTMAN AWARD: Presented to the most outstanding graduate chapter in the Fraternity.

Over 75 Members
2nd: WASHINGTON D.C. (National Capital Fijis)

Under 75 Members
3rd: PINEHURST (Golf Capitol)

BRIGHTMAN TROPHY: Presented to the undergraduate chapter which best demonstrates that
Phi Gamma Delta is “not for college days alone.”
1st: SIGMA TAU at Washington
2nd: SIGMA OMICRON at Oklahoma State
3rd TIE:KAPPA DEUTERON at Georgia, BETA SIGMA at Ball State
HM: PHI ALPHA at Arkansas, CHI DEUTERON at Kansas State, CHI ETA at Western
Kentucky, ALPHA IOTA at Iowa State, GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech, RHO ALPHA at Virginia Tech

CHENEY CUP: Awarded for the greatest all-around efficiency in scholarship,
fraternity relationships and general collegiate activities.
1st: KAPPA DEUTERON at Georgia
2nd: SIGMA TAU at the Washington
3rd: GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech
HM: CHI ETA at Western Kentucky, BETA SIGMA at Ball State, ZETA at Indiana

CONDON CUP: Awarded for the greatest overall improvement.
1st: BETA SIGMA at Ball State
2nd: CHI DEUTERON at Kansas State
3rd: ALPHA NU at New Mexico
HM: SIGMA at Wittenberg, GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech, OMEGA PHI at Central Florida

COON PLAQUE: Awarded for the best chapter publication.
1st: CHI ETA at Western Kentucky
2nd: SIGMA TAU at Washington
3rd: SIGMA at Wittenberg
HM: ALPHA IOTA at Iowa State, EPSILON ALPHA at Alberta, KAPPA DEUTERON at Georgia,
LAMBDA NU at Nebraska

COULTER CUP: Awarded for service to an undergraduate chapter other than as Purple Legionnaire.
1st: BENJAMIN R. HARPER (Kentucky 1969) for Western Kentucky
Dist. Svc: KIM W. CUNNINGHAM (Oklahoma State 1975) for Oklahoma State,
PAUL H. LIND (Purdue 1965) for Colorado State, STANFORD K. MCCOY (DePauw 1993) for DePauw

CROWDER CUP: Presented to the most outstanding faculty advisor.
1st: LOU ANN SIMPSON @ Drake
HM: RAY J. BLANKENSHIP (Kentucky 1984) @ Western Kentucky, TONY MARABLE @ Tennessee Tech

DURRANCE AWARD: Presented to the most outstanding Purple Legionnaire.
1st: ROBERT E. HALL (Kentucky 1968) for North Carolina State
Dist. Svc: PATRICK R. SCOTT (Washington 1994) for Washington, ROBERT V.
UNFUG (Colorado State 1977) for Colorado State, KYLE M. BUSH (Tennessee Tech 2008),
ERIC D. KNAM (Oklahoma State 1992), JASON S. SCHWARTZ (Central Florida 2003),
JEFFERY T. BAYNHAM (Western Kentucky Graduate Initiate)

HAYNES AWARD: Presented to the most outstanding Section Chief.
1st: BRAD WHITING (Washington 1980)
Dist. Svc: BO W. BYERS (Tennessee Tech 2006), TERRY L. MEYERS (Kansas State 1969),
A. PETER RIMSANS (Iowa State 1993)

JORDAN BOWL: Awarded for the highest academic achievement.
1st: KAPPA DEUTERON at Georgia
2nd: BETA SIGMA at Ball State
3rd: CHI ETA at Western Kentucky
Hon Mention: GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech, SIGMA TAU at Washington,
ZETA at Indiana, OMICRON at Virginia, NU KAPPA at Nebraska Kearney,

OWEN CUP: Awarded for the greatest improvement in scholarship.
1st: PHI ALPHA at Arkansas
2nd: ALPHA NU at New Mexico
3rd: CHI DEUTERON at Kansas State

WILKINSON AWARD: Presented to the most outstanding senior.
1st: TYLER W. JURY (Western Kentucky 2012)
HM: MICHAEL J. DODD (Arkansas 2012), TIMOTHY M. DREVINS (College of Charleston 2012),
BLAINE T. DROZD (Nebraska Kearney 2011), TRAVIS C. HOWARD (Colorado School of Mines 2012),
ROBERT D. SINYARD III (Georgia 2011)

ZERMAN TROPHY: Awarded for involvement in student government, the campus newspaper
and extracurricular activities.
1st: GAMMA TAU at Georgia Tech
2nd: UPSILON ALPHA at Arizona
3rd: CHI IOTA at Illinois
HM: EPSILON ALPHA at Alberta, NU KAPPA at Nebraska at Kearney

August ’12 Luncheon – UW Football Coach SARK Sarkisian

Sark speaking 2 - crop
Coach SARK

Coach Sarkisian is a smart guy pushing the rock up the hill with a big goal on the top of that hill.

His second presentation to our group in his three years at UW, SARK gave a real-time overview of the Husky football team while they were in the midst of their pre-season practices.

It was a healthy insider discussion, because he dedicated nearly 20 minutes to a position by position review of the offense followed by a similar position by position review of the defense. Then he opened the floor to questions for another 20-25 minutes.

Interesting factoids that SARK shared: The new kicker is consistently punching the ball through the uprights from the 55 yards out. Secondly, they are fielding depth this year, so they no longer have to live in fear of one of the starters going down. And the third noteworthy point of interest is that the Huskyies have invested in iPads for every player on the team. For every member of the team the iPad includes their complete playbook as well as ability to view video clips of their practice or game performance.

SARK speaking, left to right is Jack Rhodes '60, Ron Crockett '61, Bob Jorgensen '48 , Bo Morgan '47, James McCurdy '79
SARK speaking, left to right is Jack Rhodes ’60, Ron Crockett ’61, Bob Jorgensen ’48 , Bo Morgan ’47, James McCurdy ’79

SARK also responded to a question regarding how they are managing their practices without the main field being available during the remodel. They are managing, and they are using the change of environment to focus more on small unit and individual instruction on technique.

A last major point was that the team has come together, and during practices the infectious smile of Keith Price is spreading to others. “The team loves Football”. Thanks for Ron Crockett ’61 for securing the rare appearance by SARK.

Irish Coles '52 planting a question with Peter Apostolou '46 for SARK. On left is Wally Bostick '52
Irish Coles ’52 planting a question with Peter Apostolou ’46 for SARK. On left is Wally Bostick ’52

Nathan Paul Bahner ’01

Ad Astra - Nate Bahner 8.2012

August 14, 2012 by Mercer Island Patch

Nathan Paul Bahner was born on October 1, 1978 in Anchorage, Alaska. He died on August 10, 2012 in a wake-boarding accident off Mercer Island, WA.
Nate’s family moved to Mercer Island when Nate was 6 months old. He attended Emmanuel Day Preschool where he first met Mollie LeClercq.
Nate had an unrelenting energy, vitality and zest for life. “He was an extremely active child,” his Dad said in a moment of vast understatement. His Mom enrolled him in soccer at age 4 just, as she put it, “to wear him out”. It didn’t work. Nate’s love of sports was insatiable. Snow skiing, water skiing, tennis, flag football, pickle ball, water polo. In high school he played soccer, football, basketball. He loved them all, but water sports were his favorites. Like his body, Nate’s mind was always in motion. He had a keen intellect and a natural curiosity that led him to discover and mine new areas of knowledge, quickly and in detail. His diverse and ever-evolving interests were a source of great entertainment and education for his family and friends.
At Mercer Island High School, Nate served on the Student Board and also on the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club Junior Board (he later served on the Club board as an adult). His greatest honor, however, was being voted by his class to speak at commencement – an indication of the high regard in which he was held by his peers.
Nate attended the University of Washington, graduating in Communications in 2002. He was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (“Fiji’s”) and served as rush chairman. Nate loved his time in the fraternity and at the University, and, as always, forged many close and lasting friendships.
After graduating from the University of Washington, Nate held jobs in property management. Nate was the Manager of the Marina Division of LeClercq Marine Construction where his enthusiasm, professionalism and love of people flourished. Nate was the Chairman of the Marina Committee of the Northwest Marine Trade Association.
Family and friends were Nate’s reason for living. It would be hard to draw a line and say this is where Nate’s family stops and his friends start. It was a continuum, a continuum that centered on Mercer Island and the water –specifically, the LeClercq residence where Mollie lived. Nate spent many happy hours and days with the LeClercqs water skiing, boating, swimming, and pushing friends off the dock. It seemed that Nate had adopted the LeClercqs, or they him. Nicky LeClercq was his lifelong friend and was ostensibly the reason he was there, but Nicky had a sister named Mollie, and, as everyone knows now, that Emmanuel Day Preschool crush had never been extinguished. Someone said that they were looking at photos from these years on the lake and noticed that Nate and Mollie always seemed to be in the same photos – not exactly together, but never apart.
Nate and Mollie were married on April 2, 2005 thus culminating a 24 year “courtship”. It was the happiest moment of their lives and a joyous time of celebration for all their friends and family. They soon began preparation for parenthood by acquiring, serially, three dogs: Merlin, Jasmin, and Mookie. Nate once asked his father, “Why did I buy that third dog?” and then promptly went out and bought a cat. And then it was time for the real thing: Fatherhood. Nate’s Mom recalled enrolling him in a creative dramatics class when he was 3. To her surprise, he loved it. It might seem like a stretch to say that this was preparation for the most important role of his life, but if you saw him playing with his children you could see the elements of performance and the love and joy that ensued. It was theater of the heart. Daniel was the first born in 2006, then Andrew in 2008, and lastly Carmen in 2009. Nate took to fatherhood the same way he did to virtually everything in his life: with passion, energy and unbridled enthusiasm. If you’ve heard the phrase, “the Nate Bahner way” you’ll understand. It involved making sure that fun was had. By everyone.
Nate was the guy throwing himself headlong into life, lost in the joy of the moment. Nate used to debate his boys about who loved whom the most. Daniel, a big fan of Buzz Lightyear, told his dad, “I love you to infinity and beyond.” Nate, momentarily stumped, came back with, “I love you to infinity and beyond… and back again!” That phrase became a part of Nate’s permanent bond with his children. Nate, that’s how much we all loved you. And miss you.
Nate is survived by his beloved wife Mollie Bahner, his sons Daniel and Andrew and daughter Carmen, his mother Ina Bahner, his father Darrel Bahner and Penny Bahner, sisters Ashley Bahner and Lori Rhodes, brothers Brian Bahner (Tammy), Adam Shafer (Holly), and Ryan Shafer(Anh), his father-in-law Sam LeClercq (Melinda and her children Cody and Kristina Hall), his brothers-in-law Sam LeClercq (Sarah) and Nick LeClercq (Kasey).

Ad Astra – Robert Armstead ’41

Robert Carkeek Armstead '41
Robert Carkeek Armstead ’41

Robert Carkeek Armstead

November 14, 1918 ~ July 18, 2012

Col. Robert Carkeek Armstead, USMC (ret.), 93, passed away peacefully on July 18, 2012 at his home in Sun City West, AZ. The son of the late Maj. Frank Robert Armstead, USMC (ret.) and Amalia Carkeek Armstead of Bellevue, he was born in Fredericksburg, VA. During his childhood he lived with his parents in many locations including Guam, Tientsin and Shanghai in China, Virginia and South Carolina, though Medina and Bellevue were always home. He attended the University of Washington, graduating from the US Naval Academy, Class of 1942, in December 1941 in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. On December 19, 1941 he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

During World War II he served with infantry, artillery and sea-going forces. In March 1947 he was designated a Naval Aviator transitioning to jets in 1949. Among his awards were the Bronze Star with Combat “V” and the Air Medal for meritorious service and achievement in Korea in 1952. In 1957 he received a degree in Nuclear Physics from the Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA. Upon his retirement in January 1968 after a total of 31 years of service which included several commands and staff assignments, Col. Armstead was cited for his “exceptionally meritorious performance of duty…professional knowledge… leadership and distinctive qualities of devotion to duty (which) stand as an example of achievement for all to emulate.” He often said that nothing he had seen or done had been as satisfying as service as a Marine.

After retirement he was a real estate broker and appraiser in Bellevue. Col. Armstead was a Life Member of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, a member of the Marine Corps Aviation Association and of the Association of Naval Aviation.

Col. Armstead was preceded in death by his parents, his stepson Russell Alan Korich and cousins Richard Wesley Carkeek and William John Carkeek.

He is survived by his beloved wife Colleen, children Jean (Robert) Chun, Rob Armstead, Michael (Sara) Korich, Marcia Korich, Denise Korich, Shane Korich and Karen (Vince) Renteria, 9 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and many cousins.

Interment will be at Tahoma National Cemetery, 18600 SE 240th Street, Kent. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.
Published in The Seattle Times from August 1 to August 8, 2012