May ’12 Luncheon – Tom Tuell ’72 and the Golfing Gorilla


Tom Tuell ’72 is a touring pro who is best known as the Trainer for the Golfing Gorilla. The Golfing Gorilla has been a mascot of the golfing scene for a solid 26 years. As the Golfing Gorilla’s Trainer, Tom has never divulged the true identity of the Golfing Gorilla. But those who attended the luncheon certainly had the opportunity to hear a series of stories about the Gorilla’s “celebrity” experiences in and around the Tour.

Tom shared unbelievable stories from Gorilla appearances at the PGA Tour from Tiger to Nicklaus and brushes with celebrities from Bob Hope to President Ford. For more info see the Golfing Gorilla’s website:
To arrange for the Golfing Gorilla to join your foursome or be a headline promotion for your golfing event, you can email to
Tom answered a variety of golf-questions as did his golf-instructor association Todd Erwin. Todd has served as the “Human” assistant for nearly a dozen of the Gorilla’s appearances over the past decade. Todd is a golf instructor in Tacoma where he coached PGA Pro Kyle Stanley from age 11 until he joined the golf team at Clemson University. Todd shared a number of tips and insights during the luncheon.
All in all, Tom Tuell’s stories about golfing and the Gorilla proved to be one of our more interesting luncheons. Thanks Tom!