Scholarships Awarded at 2010 PIG Dinner

Sigma Tau Educational Foundation

2010/11 Scholarship Recipients

Class of ’59 Pete Hanson Memorial Scholarship $5,800

The “Class ’59 Pete Hanson Memorial Scholarship” is a fully endowed this annual scholarship, with contributions made by Dick Radloff and his fellow ’59 classmates. The Rush Program is the focus of this Scholarship.

Peter Montgomery: Award: $2,900

Bryan Lammers: Award: $2,900


Higgins Family Graduate Scholarship   $7,976

The focus of the “Higgins Family Graduate Scholarship” is on a recent graduate who has contributed throughout his undergraduate years at the Fiji House and is going on to Graduate School at the UW.

Tom Betts: Award:  $7,976
From the Class of 2010
Currently in Masters program in Business with emphasis in Accounting
Will sit for the CPA after graduating


David A. Mowat ’60 Scholarship   $5,800

The children of David A. Mowat have pledged $21,000, over five years, to create the “David A. Mowat Scholarship” in honor of their father.  They’ve included an academic focus on Engineering and Buiding Construction as a consideration.

Ryan Perrizo: Award: $2,900,
Sophomore (Class of 2013)
Major: Electrical or Civil Engineering

Alex Locke: Award: $2,900,
Sophomore (Class of 2013)
Major: Materials Science & Engineering


Highest Freshman GPA   $500

This Scholarship is given to the Sophomore who had the overall highest GPA in his Freshman year.

Milan Beard: Award: $500 (Highest Freshman GPA – 3.83)
Sophomore (Class of 2013)


General Scholarships   $5,500

The “General Scholarship” awards are given to current undergraduates from all studies. The recipients are chosen not only based on financial need but also by what contributions they’ve made to the House.

John Cadagan: Award: $2,000
Senior (Class of 2011)
Major: Economics
Future Goal: Become Lawyer – Goal is to work in Maritime Law and negotiate fishery contracts between domestic and foreign companies. Wants the world to become more environmentally conscious by working to better regulation of fisheries.
CUM GPA: 3.48

Matt Conroy: Award: $500
Senior (Class of 2011)
Major: Economics
Future Goal: After graduating, will pursue a job that is not only enjoyable but contributes positively to society.
CUM GPA: 3.31

Richard Maloney: Award: $500
Senior (Class of 2011)
Major: Political Science
Future Goal: Originally wanted Law School, recent change of heart, is now pursuing
a Masters in Sports Management and Administration from Seattle U.
CUM GPA: 3.55

Andrew Morrow: Award: $500
Junior (Class of 2012)
Major: Neurobiology
Future Goal: Plans to attend dental school after graduating, then to go on to become an orthodontist. Would like to study abroad if the opportunity arises.
CUM GPA: 3.65

Jack Grant: Award: $500
Junior (Class of 2012)
Major: Finance
Future Goal: Currently interviewing for internships at both JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft. Would like to have a full time job in finance set by the end of Winter Quarter of Senior Year.
CUM GPA: 3.53

Kyle Yamamoto: Award: $1,000
Sophomore (Class of 2013)
Major: Business, Finance
Future Goal: Possibly become a stock broker, an entrepreneur, or marketing with Microsoft, Amazon or other great corporation.
CUM GPA: 3.73

FIJI Luncheon in the Desert – March 10,2011

2010 Desert Fijis copy-760949

The 2010 gathering for the FIJI Luncheon was a resounding success. As you can see in this photo, there was an enthusiastic turnout. (click on photo to view larger version)
Plan ahead, because John Radovich ’55 is organizing another FIJI luncheon in the desert on March 10, 2011. The 2011 Luncheon will be held at the IW Club in Indian Wells.
If you have questions, you can reach John at this email address: JOHNCRADOVICH@AOL.COM



FRONT ROW SEATED (From Left): Jim Mock, Bert Engelhardt, Ken Solid, Duke Gregory, Jerry Pusch, John Radovich,Jack Howard, Stan Little, Wally Bostick, Stan Burklund
STANDING (From Left): Ryan Bullard, Stu Evey, Jim Stellar (top of head only), Ian Matheson, Mel Bryan, Bill Martin, Jim Brink, Dick Radloff, Doug McEwan, Jim Walters, Lawson Adams, Jim Hawkins, Joe Cozzetto, Jack Heidt, Roger Rice, Fred Antonelli, Bill Revere, Don Hart, Jim Hilton, Ted Woodhouse, Ron Anderson, Chuck Gassman, Bob Hedges, Jim Art, Norm Chaney, Ardell Barnes, John Ellis, Bill Hartley, Jim Hughes, Bud Gilbert, Shan Mullin, Roger Hulbush, Dave Todd, Jim Houston, Warren Dodson, Sam Buck


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