2010 July Luncheon – Dale Sowell ’75

Dale Sowell ’75    Everyone has an opinion or theory on the housing market, but Dale shared knowledge and experience in abundance.  Dale is a numbers kind of guy who started in accounting, but today he is a numbers-oriented member of the management at Weyerhaeuser Real Estate, and he talked about his role with the “4th largest homebuilder in the USA that no one has ever heard of”.   Dale really brought the nuts and bolts to the luncheon, because he talked strategy for his company, and he covered industry trends that reflected our current economy as well as our near-term prospects for the housing market.  It was good information coming from a solid guy.  Our thanks to Dale for being the speaker for the luncheon – he did a fine job delivering good info on a very relevant topic.   If you’d like to connect with Dale, his email is:  dale.sowell@wreco1.com