2010 March Luncheon speaker Don Shelton – Idaho ’76

Don Shelton – Idaho ’76

Don Shelton, Idaho ’76  The 24 years of sports reporting with the Seattle Times saw the recent promotion of Don to the position of Sports Editor for the Seattle Times.  Under his leadership and management, Don put his management view to the test by planning, deploying, and managing the challenges presented by two weeks of continuous, near-round-the-clock coverage of the Winter Olympics by the largest such team ever assembled by the Seattle Times.  (This team was the third largest print team covering the Olympic events.  Only the New York Times and USA Today fielded larger corps of reporters/photographers.)  The planning and the decisions to muster a team of this size pursuing such an ambitious reporting goal were relayed in first person by Don.  From the photos on the front page of each special Olympics section to the logistics of the operation, it was a well told story offering the insider view.  This is the third luncheon presentation by Don, and everyone has been informative, entertaining, and engaging.  You can reach Don at the Seattle Times atdshelton@seattletimes.com