2010 January Luncheon — Pete Stiles ’63

L to R Imants Holmquist ’02, Kemper Freeman ’63 and Pete Stiles ’63
January 2010: Luncheon Speaker was Pete Stiles ’63

Nicely done job by Pete as he shared his relationship with the military – from his college days in ROTC through Viet Nam and then Desert Shield/Storm. It proved to be interesting and informative to hear from a logistics guy who marshaled amphibious units to deliver the goods right on to the shore. Currently Pete’s company, Vertical Path Recruiting, works to place outbound military into civilian jobs. Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies seem to most prize the military training. Thanks to the military, they have leadership experience and a track record of adapting to technology. What more can you ask for? They know how to solve problems, and they are computer literate……and drug free. Interesting note, Pete reports that many companies now do a hair sample, because it provides a 90-120 history of drug use. The old urine test seems to test a much shorter period – as in days – compared to the new technology. You can reach Pete at pstiles@vertpath.com